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Natural elegance

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Joy by gunnisal on Flickr.

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African Queen.

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The Underwater Room off Pemba Island, Tanzania

Luxury underwater attractions have become a fashionable way of attracting the innovation-hungry crowds of the chic travellers, who seek not new penthouse check-ins but new experiences in unusual surroundings. No wonder the race to grab the crown of the most innovative underwater attraction seem to be heating up. A resort off the coast of Tanzania is putting a unique spin on the concept.

Underwater Hotel in Pemba, Tanzania..


Baraza Resort & Spa, Zanzibar, Tanzania

Arches, intricate cement décor, antiques, glistening cream mosaics and ornate brass lanterns: inspired by opulence of Sultan’s palaces, Baraza like no other hotel embraces Zanzibar’s rich heritage—in a unique fusion of Arabic, Swahili and Indian design.

Baraza Hotel in Zanzibar